It is 6:00 am and I’ve just finished packing. I’m headed home after having presented to over 300 students from Clark Atlanta University at The Robert W. Woodruff Library on my birthday
It was truly my dream audience…young, enthusiastic, gifted African American college students.
I admired them more than they could imagine. They came out to hear me and stayed long after to converse with me about numerous topics. I was thrilled to see so many eager and bright minds willing and quite capable of taking their places as leaders as some of the legendary civil rights heroes that were in the room had done decades earlier.
I wish that more of us could see these remarkable youth instead of the constant barrage of negative images that are paraded across mainstream media.
Black Roses all of them tenderly nurtured and growing. What greater gift could I have received than that of priceless hope and boundless potentialities surrounding me in the form of these precious ‘trusts’?
Thank you Imara and Hermione and Summer for your help and just the hang!
Going home to my man…I really love saying that lol!!!