Honest and direct conversations about race are long overdue.  For some the conversation is new and challenging and for others it is an everyday fact of life, both necessary and on-going.  Our history is filled with men and women that have advanced the discussion about race, racism and structural inequalities.  They have been ex-slaves and ex-slave owners, they have been poor and wealthy, educated and illiterate, all having advanced the conversation in their own way and suffered the consequences for broaching the topic.

Today those of us able to see through the sterile manufactured “diversity” misled populace, have begun to challenge the conventional thinking regarding institutional racism and its attendant destructiveness.  Glenn Singleton has addressed the issue through the program he has developed called “Courageous Conversation” with a specific focus upon building effective approaches and skills to eliminate racial disparities in education.

We are a long way from achieving equity and social justice so let’s all join the conversation!


*In October 2012, Dr. Joy will be a keynote speaker at “The Summit for Courageous Conversation 2012” in San Antonio, Texas.