My Son recently showed me a video of Tupac Shakur as a hologram performing on stage with Snoop Dogg.  The concert was happening at a place where Tupac had never performed and clearly at a time when he was no longer alive.  It is amazing what technology can do.  However, I will offer a cautionary note.

I remember when Bo Derek, the star of the movie “10”, was credited with creating “corn row” braiding. I remember another time when, in a documentary on the history and origins of Jazz Music, Wynton Marsalis, finding it difficult to maintain his composure, identified a white musician who claimed  that he originated jazz.

We are living in a time when the distortions of truth abound and, perhaps more alarming, the distortions of our human reality.  We have accepted violence as a natural and expected function of life. We continue to normalize cruelty and dishonesty to the extent that we have to create laws or movements to protect ourselves against bullies and those who insist that they have the right to “stand their ground.”

But what is to be said about “Virtues”?  Where do kindness, trustworthiness, integrity and justice   stand in these times?  And what values do reverence, loyalty and courtesy hold today? What are we telling our children about these qualities?  Not only have we bought whole heartedly into the notion that “the emperor has clothes on”, we have begun to build expertise around the quality of the fabric and how well the clothes fit!  And if anyone dare question these distortions of reality, they are branded irrelevant, lost in the past, biased, and/or irrational.

This blind following is a much greater problem than you might suspect, and it is sapping our hearts and crippling our global village.  This world is full of breath taking images of nature in all of its beauty, vast space, and yet undiscovered mysteries all made up of ‘matter’ and destined to eventually decompose and transform into something different, amazing, and incredible to see… like Tupac performing alive.  Yet un-alive.

Just remember it’s only a hologram!