I was born in 1957 and in just a few days I’ll be 57 the age my mother was when she died. Perhaps that’s why I’ve been feeling so much and paying such close attention to things going on around me and in the world.
I’ve been thinking about my children and other people’s children, hearing about many of the national and global challenges facing us. I can see and even hear the groaning of the earth that is truly weary of us…
And I wonder if we have adequately prepared the ones coming after us…to take the helm. I am so exhilarated by their energy and visions of the future. Their knowledge and artistry their courage and tenacity!
What a world they have inherited so advanced and fantastic capable of such marvelous things and yet always in need of heroes and heroines to rescue it, a world seemingly always on the line between shadow and light teetering on the edge of the precipice…
I rode my bike 10 miles today and smiled as the wind cooled me from the California sun and drought, letting me forget about the fires raging nearby… All the while listening to Roberta Flack sing “The first time ever I saw your face”
So here is My birthday wish to those to whom I have clumsily handed the baton:
Stay vigilant. Commune, serve and teach daily, be Keepers of the music! Know that laughter is therapeutic, love and care for yourselves and others, and find someone to walk life’s path with.
Remember them…
Remember us…
Remember what so many of us have forgotten… That ‘Love’ is the boundless power that creates, and restores, that holds us and binds together the atoms in the universe, without composition and therefore indestructible.
Because of love you will never be alone.