The fireworks are being purchased in anticipation of seeing pretty colorful explosions. A momentary retreat for big people, and for children, memories in the making. I cannot begrudge anyone their moment of peace… to be lost in bright halos.

While our earth quakes with fever, then weeps and vomits fire, and while Mother Nature convulses in her sleep, the search continues for ‘unabtainium’ on floating astroids and Mars … The beginnings of Terrestrial colonization…

Are we numb? Paralyzed with fear? Doubt filled? Apathetic? Hopeful? Wanting to remain neutral/politically correct?
But Churches are burning! Though no one is talking about it much..people are being hunted, communities are being dismantled, the gaps between the haves and the have nots widens, bigots and narcissists jockey for the highest office in the land to rule over people and objects pillaged from near and far. And the most distinguishing feature of many of these new would-be leaders is their collective lack of integrity.

“They hasten forward to Hell Fire and mistake it for light” (Gleanings)

Enjoy the 4th … Carefully